Wednesday, August 28, 2013

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It's been a busy day for me today. One of my colleagues asked me on how to make money online and how to make a website. He thought that making a website and being number in Google is easy. And being number in Google is easy, what I told him is that getting number 1 in Google takes a lots of skills and collaboration. It is not easy to top Google searches.

I still have some other blog hosted in Wordrpress. But now i am slowly moving my sites to blogspot again. It is because of the high maintenance and cost of hosting for WordPress site. I found out that there are lots of great blogspot free premium themes that can be use and it looks really professional.

I have also cleaned up my WordPress hosted sites because i am experiencing a constant error in my other site due to high server load. I have removed some old users and I hope I can decrease server loads.

High server load only means high VPS payment.

I will just maintain some money making machine site in wordpress. Good to inform that I am now using DreamPress from Dream Host which i believe is better than Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

If you want to host your Wordpress with Dreamhost you may want to use our coupon code : Dream Host Discounted.

I believed that there are sites that needs to stay in WordPress and there are sites that needs to remain in Blogspot.

2 Tech Comments:

  1. Sir Dexter, medyo nag concentrate na lang muna ako sa blogspot, kasi dami kong bad experience sa self-hosted Wordpress sites, i just want to concentrate on content and not to worry on the backend settings, minsan mataas na ang traffic, then biglang mag down, samantalang sa blogspot, i never experience to have a downtime. I'm currently reading articles about blogspot and wordpress, for now blogpost muna talaga ako.

    1. medyo lumalaki kasi ang gastos ko sa ngayon sa Self Hosted Website kaya nililipat ko yung ibang site ko para mabawasn ang load. Nakita ko naman na marami na rin magagandang theme na pwede ulit pag aralan. Although I have to learn again the SEO side of Blogspot. :) I hope matutunan ko ulit .. nasanay kasi sa plug in sa wordpress