Sunday, April 14, 2013

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I would like to tell you that I made a new blog that aims to teach Financial Literacy Among Pinoys specially to our readers. As an OFW, I feel it is my obligation to teach my co worker and OFW families the values of investing and Financial Literacy. I also recently join a Philippine Financial Marketing Company in called IMG. (International Marketing Group) we aim to teach people the value of investing in a right manner.
The Philippine economy is doing good and soaring high. The dollar to peso exchange is becoming low. The only solution is to make your hard earned money into an investment portfolio that could give higher returns.
Beat the inflation as they say.
If you want to know more on how to invest you may email me through this contact link.
Learn the 6 Steps to Financial Security
  1. Increase Cash Flow
  2. Manage Debt
  3. Create Emergency Fund
  4. Ensure proper protection
  5. Build Long Term Savings
  6. Preserve Your State

Hope that you will not be like other that will continually be financial Illiterate and will retire really sad.
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