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Superbowl 43 – Head Coach

It is only right to know who is behind the scene when it come to the games, I am talking about the Coaches of Each team. I have research a bot about them and here is what I found.

The Super Bowl coaches — the Cardinals’ Ken Whisenhunt, left, and the Steelers’ Mike Tomlin — are both in their second season.

Who is Moore Whisenhunt

Kenneth "Ken" Moore Whisenhunt (born February 28, 1962 in Augusta, Georgia) is the American football head coach of the Arizona Cardinals NFL football team, leading them to the first Super Bowl in franchise history during the 2008 season. Previously, he was known for his well engineered offensive plays, including the success he had with the Pittsburgh Steelers in his 3 years as their offensive coordinator under Bill Cowher and winning Super Bowl XL during the 2005 season. More here

Who is Mike Tomlin

Mike Tomlin (born March 15, 1972) is an American football head coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League. Tomlin is the third youngest head coach in any of the four major North American professional sports. He is the tenth African-American head coach in NFL history, and first in Steelers history. Tomlin is the third African-American head coach and, with the Steelers' victory in the AFC Championship Game on January 18, 2009, became the youngest head coach to lead his team to a Super Bowl. More Here

So the next time your friends will ask you on who is the coach of those 2 giant Team. You know what to answer.


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